Frijol Says Cool For Thought: Part 1

They thought it was cool to let a racist fascist run for president

They thought it was cool to belittle our former black president because of his race

They thought it was cool to talk about Chicago as if they lived in the city themselves

They think it’s cool to generalize and stereotype all people of color

He thinks it’s cool to ban Muslims from the U.S in the name of “American Safety”

They thinks it’s cool to round up the undocumented in mass raids

They think it’s cool to claim All Lives Matter, while all you see is African American men shot by those who are supposed to protect

They think it’s cool to stop you just because of your skin color

They think that it’s cool to perpetuate stereotypes people of color

They think that it’s cool to say why there isn’t a White History Month, while people of color are force fed white history in the curriculum of their education

They think that it’s cool to come out of hiding and

They think that it’s cool to now speak and share their racist ideals and prejudices and

They think that it’s cool to be apart of the Alt. Right here in the U.S.

So check your ingredients

Before you overdose on the “cool”


Yes, going far away from home for college is the best choice you will ever make! 

 Okay, now I know many of you have thought about college already, or you are like me and have already applied and gotten into colleges. And I know many of you have gone in saying “Well I’ll go anywhere, as long as I get accepted in college”. But I’m here to tell YOU, THE READER THIS: that isn’t just a good idea. We all have our own preferences, our own comfort zones and what not and I won’t knock anybody for that. But I bet that we can all agree on this one thing: we ALL have trouble going away from home (yeah, I know we all do, one way or another, you get homesick of whatever hometown your from and you wish you could teleport yourself back to whatever familiar coffee place or park bench you like). We all want to be in a place where we are comfortable, not where we’re uncomfortable. But, what if I said the best option for anyone is to leave? To leave their hometown, get out of state and go somewhere else so (what may seem) inexplicably far that you actually start to get homesick before you’ve even unpacked. Well yeah, I’m telling you that. Don’t believe? Well I am. See the thing that ties us down to staying in a familiar place, a place we grew up or a place we know is that: we are accustomed to it, we are comfortable with it. But we don’t do ourselves any good because we are not pushing ourselves, we are not allowing ourselves to experience the world and all that it has to offer. From meeting new people (not just friends, but all people), seeing and getting to know a new community, to expanding your perspective and even finding bits and prices of yourself that you never knew you would be able to find. That is the beauty of going far for college, that is the beauty of going out of state, or just even somewhere far from your home. You may think it’s scary, you may think “Man, this may not have been my brightest choice”. But guess, your on the same boat as every other person who went far from home to a new place that made them push their boundaries of their comfort zone. But that’s okay. Like, it honestly it. The key to making it work, to making all the it click is finding the college that is the best fit for you, the college that you think you would best fit in. A bit contradictory you say? Yeah, I know your thinking to yourself “But this guy just said to get out of our comfort zone, and now he’s telling to find a place that is best fit for us? Like what?”. Yeah well, I’m not, do relax. What I’m saying is that even if it is a good fit for you, you are still going to experience a lot while at the college that you choose. You are going to meet people who push your thinking and potentially your sanity, people who will make you have perspective about the wold around you that you could never have if you never left home. Leaving for college isn’t a bad thing and going out of state isn’t much worse. They both are the best choices for any incoming college students who want to get out of college a experience. Don’t stay in your hometown just because it’s familiar and you get to eat moms cooking everyday. Go, go out and explore the world, go make wherever you step a Lin adventure and a journey of knowledge, wishing, life, love and peace. Even if the college you go to is still in the state you live in, that’s okay. That works. Just make sure you leave your hometown and experience something other than what you know. Because life is more than the same old routine and coffee place you decide to go to to read this blog. It’s way more bigger, trust me. 

The Very First

Well yeah, the title says it all, this is my first blog post and I’m super new to this sort of stuff. I got the idea from one of my R.A.’s at Oberlin and she thought it would b good for me to blog, so here I am, on my phone, at work, blogging. So this Benin my first, I guess I’ll do an introduction because you’re probably wondering who the person is behind the 5.5 inch screen. Well, my name is Christian Andres Alfaro, but for the sake of my well being and preference, please call me Frijol or Frijole (whoever you want to spell it, go for it). I’m a kid from the Southwest Side of Chicago, born and raised. I’m currently being drained of my life at school, where I’m a senior because senior year of high school is a lot more stressful than what people make it to be, which sucks because I could’ve used a warning like “Hey, you’re gonna lose a lot of sleep and your sleep schedule is gonna suck and you’ll be super stressed out of your mind” or something like that, but I went into this year totally blind. Anyways, I would say what school I go to, but that too, is for another time. I’m Hispanic, Latino, whatever the the government decides to call me, but I’m Mexican and Aztec American forever. I guess this is enough for now, because I don’t want to give away everything about my self in my first post, so keep a look out for my next blog and when you do read the next one, make sure your drinking a coffee or something, but not from Starbucks (even though I like Starbucks, it’s pretty good). Don’t be that person.

Peace ✌🏽